Ulster Cycle graphic novels

Now available as graphic novels: The Cattle Raid of Cooley and Ness

  • The Cattle Raid of Cooley is an adaptation of the ancient Irish epic Táin Bó Cúailnge, the central tale of the Ulster Cycle. Featuring Cú Chulainn, a teenage rookie border guard alone against an invading army – and the machinations of the gods. For a preview, click here. 270 pages, plus 11 pages of notes. £20 plus postage.
  • Ness is a prequel, starring Cú Chulainn’s grandmother in her youth. When her father, the king of Ulster, is powerless to stop a murderous outlaw, she turns outlaw herself to hunt him down. But will her father’s house still be there to come back to when the job’s done? For a preview, click here. 70 pages, plus 6 pages of notes. £6 plus postage.
  • Both books together: £24 plus postage.

Praise for Patrick Brown’s Ulster Cycle comics

The Cattle Raid of Cooley

“[A] brilliant adaptation of the epic Irish legend … a violent, visceral and darkly comic tale … the single- colour artwork [is] raw and frenetic”

Look Left

“Grounded in historical realism… captures both the over-the-top violence and the bawdy humor of Irish epics”

Shaenon Garrity, The Comics Journal

“An exceptional feat … realistic, extremely well researched and avoids all the fantasy clichés by focussing on the characters … effectively capturing the violent reality of inter-tribal warfare and feuds.”

Irish Imbas Books


It’s as though writer/artist Patrick Brown found a window looking into the past, and he decided to smash it and climb on through. Here is a throughly modern form of Irish storytelling that makes the past very much the present.

Malachy Coney (The Moon Looked Down and Laughed, Vampirella)

“Patrick Brown weaves a wonderful tapestry of rich characters,intertwining centuries-old legends with 21st Century artwork to die for.”

Davy Francis (Ciderman, Oink!, Holy Cross)

“A wonderful period graphic novel … Primitive but gripping.”

Rich Johnston (Bleeding Cool, Lying in the Gutters)

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