Future Shocks: Family Business

Spec pages for a 2000AD talent search held at Thought Bubble in Leeds, 2014, from a script by Gary Simpson. Brush, ink and Pro White. Made the shortlist, but the best artist won.

Family Business page 1

Family Business page 2

Family Business page 3

Family Business page 4

5 Responses to “Future Shocks: Family Business”

  1. robert Says:

    hi mate, r u entering this for the leeds thoughtbubble this year?

  2. paddybrown Says:

    That’s the plan. Hopefully they’ll like it.

  3. Robert Says:

    Hi paddy I met u at thoughtbubble we had a chat outside the hall on day 2, I totally forgot that I sent u that comment on here b4. Anyway I liked your stuff, I’m def going to go and try again next year. I was frustrated that they only looked at the first page we did and not the rest. Anyway here’s my deviantart page if u wanna check it out

  4. paddybrown Says:

    Cheers Robert, I’ll definitely have a look. I think you should stick with the style, just maybe develop it a bit. And don’t letter submissions to 2000AD, they like to do lettering in-house, and also they want to judge how the page works without lettering. I’ve made that mistake before myself. Anyway, good luck for next year!

  5. Robert Says:

    Thanks paddy, yea the lettering really killed me, def won’t b doing that again

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