Something: a 24 Hour Comic

Created at the Belfast 24 Hour Comics Day event at Catalyst arts, 18/19 October 2008.  Here’s a blog post about the event.  The cover was more colourful in the original, but it seems my scanner doesn’t like highlighter pens.

page 1
page 2
page 3
page 4
page 5
page 6
page 7
page 8
page 9
page 10
page 11
page 12
page 13
page 14
page 15
page 16
page 17
page 18
page 19
page 20
page 21
page 22
page 23
page 24

6 Responses to “Something: a 24 Hour Comic”

  1. My 24 hour comic | Says:

    […] to add: Now added to the site.  Follow this link, or click the button on the contents bar on the left, under “Other […]

  2. Dermot Says:

    Hi. I am currently researching the link between Irish Mythology and Comics. I was wondering if you have any advice?
    I am looking for influences, themes, character traits, images, anything that would draw the two together. The idea is for a television programme and is in the very early stage of development.

  3. paddybrown Says:

    Interesting question. Aside from modern adaptations, I don’t think there’s much direct influence. Early Ireland doesn’t seem to have been a very visual culture, and when it developed a tradition of representational art in early modern times, it adopted European styles. Look at the depictions of Erin, the personification of Ireland, in Irish political cartoons of the 19th century – she’s drawn in a very classical manner(here’s a link to an example by Thomas Fitzgerald). I’d guess the influence of Irish myth on comics has mostly been post-hippy, and a lot of it has a wiccan/neo-pagan element to it.

  4. paddybrown Says:

    (That would be Thomas Fitzpatrick, not Fitzgerald, who drew the cartoon linked to.)

  5. Comic Book Stores Says:

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  6. » Blog Archive » 24 Hour Comics Day is coming Says:

    […] 17th, finishing the same time on Sunday 18th) to create a 24 page comic – here’s the one I did last year, and a load of others from the last three years. If you want to take part, it’s free – […]

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