17th Sep 2007

You & No-One Else page 11

You & No-One Else
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You & No-One Else page 11
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I hope you’ve enjoyed our little interlude. This is the point I’d got to when whatever juice I was running on ran out. I think I drew one more page, but that was several pages ahead, and anyway I can’t find it. But I do still have the script! So, at some point, hopefully not too distant, You & No-One Else will return. I’ll have to go back and fit a wee navigation bar to the pages like I have on The Ulster Cycle.

Which, now that I come to mention it, will resume shortly, possibly even tomorrow (but don’t hold me to that). In the meantime, I’ve now got two strips on hiatus.

One Response to “You & No-One Else page 11”

  1. will Says:

    i really dug this. brings back memories and a real 1990s indie feel, for what that’s worth. please do some more!

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