05th Oct 2008

Watercress on iTunes!

Back in the early aughts there was a fantastic band in Belfast called Watercress. They were an accoustic four-piece that included mandolin, string bass and disgeridoo as well as the traditional guitars and drums, they sang in their own Belfast accents, their lyrics and melodies were imaginative, odd and funny, and they played with a jazzman’s sense of comic timing.

They recorded a bunch of EPs, and an album, Bummer. They were really, really good. And of course they never made any money and broke up.

Last I heard Dan Donnelly, the mandolin/didgeridooist, was performing and recording in a more conventional singer-songwriterly idiom in America with his band Sonovagun. What became of Brian Acton, the guitarist, or the drummer and bass player whose names I can’t immediately remember I have no idea.

When my copy of Bummer wore out I had to source a second hand copy over the internet. But good news! You can now get Bummer on iTunes!

I can’t recommend it highly enough.  I can hardly give you a sample of the music, but for those of you who like lyrics, here’s my favourite song on the album, “Skyrocket”:

I’m hopelessly chasing a skyrocket
I’m hoping to put it in my pocket
But I know if ever I got it
It would burn me and hurt me with ease

I once thought that maybe I could get it
But in order to keep it I would wet it
So maybe it’s better I should let it
Burn brightly and leave me behind

I can’t help but try and catch it
There’s no other beauty can match it
I know that I’ll burn, but I’ll never learn
To just sit back quietly and watch it.

With a bit of luck they’ll put the EPs on next, and the glory that was Watercress will be reborn!

3 Responses to “Watercress on iTunes!”

  1. Dan Says:

    Hey man..thanks for the mention….I will try put the e.p.s up for you too.
    Brian plays Jazz in suoermarkets in england now I think.
    Dan XX

  2. Mary Says:

    Dan – do you remember playing a gig in Fibber MacGee’s in Birmingham (I think you did a few!) in around 1994-time. My dad (Derek) was the manager and he’s playing the Tripped-Up EP as I type!

    It’s an amazing EP and I love the Sumertime With Me EP as well!! I’t a shame to hear the band aren’t together anymore, but HAVE A NICE DAY! as you said yourself…

  3. Alexander Says:

    It was a pleasure to see Watercress play live in Edinburgh in summer 1995! Is it possible to listen to their ep songs now? They were VERY strong!

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