09th Sep 2007

You & No-One Else page 3

It’s maybe worth pointing out that, though this story is set in Swansea, I have no clue what Swansea actually looks like. I’ve never been there, and 1995 was before the days of Google image search, so all the locations are done entirely from my head. Probably no big deal on this page – one bus station looks much like any other – but subsequent pages may, for all I know, look completely wrong, so if you’re from Swansea, apologies. Anyway, page 3.

You & No-One Else
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You & No-One Else page 3
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3 Responses to “You & No-One Else page 3”

  1. Biyang Hansen Says:

    Still following your story, it’s good so far. I read your other cartoons too, Tamara Knight, Communication, and the Ulster Cycle. They’re all pretty good too. But the one that really blew me away was “Guilty As Charged” – it’s magnificent in my opinion.
    So, looking forward to see more from you.

    (BTW, put a link to your blog on mine, hope you don’t mind.)

    – Biyang

  2. paddybrown Says:

    Don’t mind at all, and I’m very pleased you liked “Guilty As Charged”. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on “When We Are Forgotten” on your blog.

  3. Biyang Hansen Says:

    Nice, you’re welcome over at lovenoir anytime :-)

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