28th Jul 2007

Personality quiz thing

Your Personality Is

Rational (NT)You are both logical and creative. You are full of ideas.

You are so rational that you analyze everything. This drives people a little crazy!

Intelligence is important to you. You always like to be around smart people.

In fact, you’re often a little short with people who don’t impress you mentally.

You seem distant to some – but it’s usually because you’re deep in thought.

Those who understand you best are fellow Rationals.

In love, you tend to approach things with logic. You seek a compatible mate – who is also very intelligent.

At work, you tend to gravitate toward idea building careers – like programming, medicine, or academia.

With others, you are very honest and direct. People often can’t take your criticism well.

As far as your looks go, you’re coasting on what you were born with. You think fashion is silly.

On weekends, you spend most of your time thinking, experimenting with new ideas, or learning new things.

The Three Question Personality Test

2 Responses to “Personality quiz thing”

  1. Crommán mac Nessa Says:

    Hi, Patrick.

    I got that result as well. Have you ever taken one of these personality tests based on the Myers-Briggs scheme? They are usually a bit longer, but give a more complete picture. I don’t totally agree with the scheme, but it is a helpful tool for anyone seeking to understand him-/herself. Here’s one of the better ones:

    My latest result from this test (I’ve taken similar tests over the years and had a variety of results, including INXJ, INXP, INTJ, and ENFP, amongst others; the way one answers the questions can be influenced by several factors, including mood, recent experiences, interpretation of words used in the questions, etc) was INFX (the X won’t be explained or given as a possibility in this text, but indicates a balance between the two options, and in my most recent use of the test, P and J were very nearly equal in possibility, so I reckoned there to be a balance).

    Le meas,

  2. Crommán mac Nessa Says:

    Oops, ceartúchán: “test,” not “text.”

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