20th Sep 2008

The week in webcomics (14-20 September 2008)

Back to a regular schedule for these webcomic roundups.

Simon Fraser gives us an account of his time living in Tanzania, at Next Door Neighbour Webcomix, as well as the latest installment of Lilly MacKenzie and the Mines of Charybdis

Cassie’s not prepared to let Dom make light of the past, in About Charlotte

The girls’ plan comes close to fruition, in Things Change

Ryan Estrada does a guest-spot on Wonderella, and gets the casually nasty tone just about right…

In FreakAngels we meet Miki, Whitechapel’s resident doctor…

Jesus and Mo argue over which of them is more humble…

And here’s a new one.  Big Bank Ltd is a weekly strip about working for a bank, and the evil people that run ‘em.  Quite apt in the current climate, where it looks like by the end of the month there’ll be one big bank.

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