13th Jun 2007

Musical meme

Got this from Rol Hirst:

On your MP3 device of choice, set it to random, or shuffle, or whatever system it uses to play all of your music randomly. Then enter the first song that comes up into the first category in the listing below, then the second song into the second, and so on, until all of the moments of your life have a random song assigned to them. You can cheat but, as ever, you’re only cheating yourself.

I have cheated slightly, but only by skipping tracks by an artist that’s already appeared on the list.

Opening Credits –
T. Rex, Girl in the Thunderbolt Suit
Nice upbeat opening. Not much relevance to my life, but it’s a T. Rex song, so looking for meaning is probably futile.

Waking Up –
Elvis Presley, Blue Moon of Kentucky
Very early Elvis. Not bad for an awakening.

First Day at School –
George Harrison, My Sweet Lord
No relevance at all that I can see.

Falling in Love –
McAlmont & Butler, What’s the Excuse the Time
You have no idea how apt this one is.

Fight Song –
Duke Special, Portrait
Kind of appropriate. “Your broken heart was never on my mind”.

Breaking Up –

Dominoes, That’s What You’re Doing to Me

“I wanna laugh, I wanna cry
I wanna live, no I wanna die
Can’t you see,
That’s what you’re doing to me.

“I wanna leave, I wanna stay
I wanna fight, no I wanna play
Oh baby
That’s what you’re doing to me.”

That works.

Sixth Form Disco –
Stevie Wonder, Living for the City
When I think what a dog-eat-dog environment school was, that’s quite good too.

Life is Good –
Emmylou Harris and Mark Knopfler, Red Staggerwing
Quite a feelgood song. Aeroplanes and guitars.

Mental Breakdown –
ELO, Secret Messages
Heh heh.

Driving –
Small Faces, Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake
A good instrumental. Works for me.

Flashback –
Iain Archer, Frozen Northern Shores
Malin Head, County Donegal, February 2003. Happy, before my life took a turn for the worse.

Getting Back Together –
Bjork, Earth Intruders
Reasonably mad even by Bjork’s standards. I tend to agree.

Wedding –
Mark Knopfler, Quality Shoe
Kind of reflects my low expectations of the whole business, really.

Paying the Dues –
Eric Clapton, Kind Hearted Woman Blues
“These evil hearted women, they will not let me be.” I’ve paid those dues all right.

The Night Before the War –
The Tears, A Love as Strong as Death
Now that’s a good match.

Final Battle –
The Undertones, Julie Ocean
I think I’ve already had this battle.

Moment of Triumph –
Michael Jackson, PYT (Pretty Young Thing)
Hollow laughter.

Death Scene –
Camera Obscura, Tears for Affairs
If I’d got this song under this heading three years ago, I might have taken it as an instruction. Then again, the record only came out last year, so I’d have been safe.

Funeral Song –
Joseph Arthur, In the Sun
Nice. Elegaic.

End Credits –
The Fratellis, Doginabag
About as much relevance to my life as the opening credits, but a good song, and I can see the credits rolling over it.

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