28th May 2007

The Ulster Cycle page 17, and recommended webcomics part 2

Ireland, the Iron Age.


The Ulster Cycle page 17


(Minor edit on 29/5/07 to add the lettering I forgot about yesterday)

Now for today’s recommended webcomic:

SPQR Blues by Klio

SPQR BluesI’m a sucker for a good ancient historical comic, and that’s what SPQR Blues is. Set in Pompeii not long before Volcano Day, it follows Felix, a disgraced Roman soldier, struggling to do the right thing and keep his own arse covered (usually failing at the latter) in the face of political and family intrigue, and trying not to hope that the wife and child he was told were dead might still be alive.

Klio was apparently once told by Donna Barr that, once she’d done 10,000 drawings, drawing would be a doddle from then on, so she took the suggestion, and since then has published the ongoing SPQR Blues as well as various ad hoc autobiographical strips on the web. The wee number in the bottom right hand corner indicates how many she still has to go. Following Donna Barr’s idiosyncratic example as a path to artistic fulfilment might strike a neutral observer as being about as sensible as following Eddie Campbell‘s How to be an Artist step by step, but what the hell, there are worse people to be influenced by, and the Barr influence is certainly evident in Klio’s drawings. Felix is an engaging character and the setting is well-realised. Read it from the beginning and get drawn in.

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