07th Aug 2013

Skip week – moving back in

I’m afraid there’ll be no page this week, for a reason I haven’t blogged about until now, which has been in large part behind all the missed weeks this year. Today I move back into my own house. It’s one of those things that started out as a small repair, but something more serious was discovered underlying it, and something more serious was discovered underlying that, and so on. Eventually the floor in the kitchen and bathroom had to be dug up and relaid with a new membrane and the outside walls tanked, then lots of plastering, and then it all needed decorating. But it’s all done now, apart from all the stuff that’s piled up in my study that needs redistributed to the other rooms in the house, which can be done gradually. I’m just glad to be able to sleep in my own bed, shower in my own bathroom and cook in my own kitchen again. But it means I haven’t had time to draw. Hope you’ll indulge me again.

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