16th Dec 2012

New Bookshop on Comicsy!

If you click any of the “bookshop” links on the left-hand bar or in any of the Cattle Raid of Cooley pages, you’ll now be taken to my new Comicsy bookshop. This should simplify the whole buying comics through PayPal thing. You can also now buy issue 7 – here’s what the cover looks like.

The Cattle Raid of Cooley issue 7

2 Responses to “New Bookshop on Comicsy!”

  1. ShoeOnAWallCreations Says:

    I just found your comic, I’m making a web series (Chaotic Fiction story) somewhat based on the Tain (mostly expanding on/twisting up the Slaughter of the Boy Troops) and seeing your take on that, and the entire rest of the Tain so far has had me squealing to my entire family about how amazing it is! A rather wonderfully timed early Christmas present. Seeing this all drawn so beautifully brings another layer to the story and has given me a much clearer picture of some of the Tain I had gotten confused/lost on. :) this is just amazing! And congrats on all the awards from it too! :D

  2. paddybrown Says:

    Thanks – glad you like it. Good luck with your own story.

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