05th Jun 2012

Skip week, and Colonel Gaddafi’s tent.

Just back from a five-day camping trip in Connemara with my brothers Simon and Alan, and Alan’s wife Louise and their kids Zoe and Sam. Alan and his family are experienced campers and have their own family-sized tent. Simon bought a tent on the internet, which he and I slept in, and which turned out to sleep six in three internal bedrooms, not counting the generous living area in the middle. It was quickly dubbed “Colonel Gaddafi’s tent”.

Fortunately it turned out to be robust enough for the Connemara weather, which was not as pleasant as had been hoped for. The one evening with nice weather also attracted more midges that I believed existed, with Simon, Louise and Zoe getting particularly badly eaten.

Anyway, it was an enjoyable trip despite the conditions, and worth missing 2D for. However, it has thoroughly tired me out, and it’s only just occurred to me, at nearly ten pm, that it’s Tuesday and the next instalment of the comic is due tomorrow morning. I also have to go to work. So, despite my best intentions, another skip week is on the cards. Apologies.

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