16th Aug 2008

The week in webcomics (10 – 16 August 2008) and an aside

his week on Scamp, the Illustrators Ireland blog, I read you can do do a course in making children’s picture books. Am I the only one who thinks this is just wrong? Is this really a world where you have to go to a class and pass an exam before you can do anything? Is there anything that can’t be turned into an approved curriculum? The internet is still a refuge for us autodidacts and tinkerers, but there are places you can do night classes in blogging, for Dumuzi’s sake.

Anyway, on with the webcomics.

Steven Grant and Scott Bieser bring us their take on the Odyssey, Odysseus the Rebel

Veronica, our neurotic supervillainess, gets chatted up in part 2 of Plan B

In Girls with Slingshots, Jamie figures out her sexuality…

Lilly Mackenzie puts some clothes on (boo!)…

Jesus and Mo worry about offending people…

Wonderella doesn’t…

And the first book of FreakAngels ends, in the aftermath of battle, with acceptance…

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