31st Dec 2011

2011 – the year in review

Well, that was 2011.

One notable development this year is, as a blogger at Irish Comic News and Belfast Comics, and still the main contributor to the Irish Comics Wiki, I’ve been making much greater use of Google Alerts. And, naturally (I’m an artist. I’m vain) I have an alert set for any mention of my own name. Which means I’ve been inadvertently following the career of Patrick Brown, a reserve offensive tackle for the Minnesota Vikings, quite closely. Spot the difference…

Spot the difference

What I will, with a certain amount of generosity, call my “career” as a cartoonist has gone from strength to strength this year. I won an award (best Irish webcomic in the Irish Comic News awards – and while I do blog there, I wasn’t involved in counting the votes and I didn’t vote for myself). I found myself listed on the Lambiek Comiclopedia, the rather prestigious Dutch dictionary of international comic artists. I’ve been going to conventions as a guest rather than a punter – TitanCon in Belfast in September, Comics West in Galway in November. I’ve done some interviews with proper journalists, on Dublin-based online magazine Rabble, and Northern Irish news and culture blog and was even cited in an academic journal – a Dutch one on Celtic matters, the name of which I forget, in an article about hurling. And I’ve appeared on TV, in “The Invisible Artist”, a documentary on comics in Belfast by Andy Luke and Carl Boyle on local channel NVTV (it’ll be online some time in the new year – I’ll alert you when I know).

Glossing over my personal life (as you were) and day job (least said the better), 2011 was also the year I got old. I turned 42 in October, but well before that the ravages of time have been creeping up on me. I’ve finally inherited my mum’s family’s bad knees (well, one of them) (I suspect my younger brother Simon only works as an aid worker in Africa because the hot, dry climate is good for the joints). I also had a bit of a scare in the summer, when I collapsed from intestinal bleeding. Several months of unpleasant medical tests failed to find anything particularly alarming, but it was worrying at the time. On the plus side, I had an eye test and my astigmatism (meaning I don’t manifest the wounds of Christ, and also that my eyeballs are a funny shape) has actually improved slightly, and I’ve lost a bit of weight. If this keeps up, by 2015 I’ll be slim and trim with 20/20 vision, but unable to walk without a stick.

Anyway, happy new year to all my readers. Hope 2012 brings lots of good things.

2 Responses to “2011 – the year in review”

  1. Dennis G. Says:

    Looks like an eventful year, with some lows but fortunately some highs as well – at least the Dutch have been good for you!

    Oh, and I believe the name of the journal is Kelten and the article’s about the three fifties : )

  2. paddybrown Says:

    Cheers Dennis. And I know you sent me a copy of journal in question, but I tidied my house over the Christmas break and now I can’t find anything ;) Apologies.

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