27th Jul 2011

The Cattle Raid of Cooley skip week

Aaargh. I know exactly what I want to draw on this week’s page, and I’ve made half a dozen attempts at it, but for whatever reason, it’s as if I’m drawing with boxing gloves on, or as if I’m throwing the pen at the paper from some distance away. It’s just all wrong. Midnight is approaching and I have nothing useful, so I shall apologise and give up. It’ll just have to wait til next week.

In it’s place, I’ll leave you with two illustrations of Cú Chulainn from Our Boys, which was an Irish boys’ story paper back when story papers were a thing. The first is from 1915 and is by George Monks:

The Story of Cuchulainn by George Monks

The second is Walter C. Mills’ depiction of Cú Chulainn’s death from 1921:

Cú Chulainn's death by Walter C. Mills

Now, why not call over to Irish Comic News and see what the rest of my cartooning compatriots are up to.

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  1. ART - Cú Chulainn from Our Boys Says:

    […] of The Cattle Raid of Cooley this week (because my hands wouldn’t do what they were told), some alternative versions of the main character, Cú Chulainn, in illustrations from the Irish story paper Our Boys. The above is by Walter C. Mills and was […]

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