09th Aug 2008

The week in webcomics (3-9 August 2008)

I’d like to start by recommending The Daily Figure, Kyle T. Webster’s life drawing blog (sample left). Okay, on with the webcomics.

In the ancient Chinese saga Tales from the Middle Kingdom, Mr Choy’s nephew brings news of violence…

Still at the masque, the schoolgirls plot their revenge against a boy who was indiscriminate in his affections, in Things Change

Jesus and Mo discuss apples and onions (dig their choice of bedtime reading) and things that don’t change

At this early stage, it’s still not clear what About Charlotte is going to be about…

The mystery deepens in Lilly Mackenzie and the Mines of Charybdis (nudity warning still applies)…

The FreakAngels go to war…







One Response to “The week in webcomics (3-9 August 2008)”

  1. jeremy Says:

    ooo that daily figure link was a great find. Thanks for leading me to some inspiration.

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