13th Oct 2010

24 Hour Comics Day 2010

Well, 24 Hour Comics Day happened. Drawing from noon on Saturday to noon on Sunday, to create a self-contained, 24 page comic. Stephen Downey already has his scanned and online at Tales of the…, and Andy Luke has posted a report. The Forgotten Pelmet are covering it too.

This year I decided to challenge myself by working in colour. The result is a 24 page children’s story called “Rise at Sundown”, which will be going online as soon as I’ve got it scanned. In the meantime, here’s the cover.

Rise at Sunset cover

I’ve managed to post this week’s page of The Cattle Raid of Cooley on time by the simple expedient of drawing it last week when my brain and drawing hand were still functioning.

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    […] Meantime Andy Luke points us to more work coming from the Belfast 24 Hour Comic Day, this time from Paddy Brown (as as we blogged last week, you can see Andy’s 24 Hour Comic work here). Not content with […]

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