15th May 2007

The Ulster Cycle page 1

I’ve finally thought of a reason to have a blog, and here it is. The Ulster Cycle is a webcomic adaptation of the eponymous body of Irish heroic legends, and it begins below. Ireland, the Iron Age.


The Ulster Cycle page 1. 1. Two fianna, cloaked and armed young men watch a settlement from an overlooking hill. A chariot arrives at the settlement, a roundhouse surrounded by a circular palisade, and the passenger steps off the back. The host welcomes him with open arms. Fianna 1: That's the twelfth. Tell the chief. Fianna 2: Righto. 2. Inside, a teenage boy servant, Ilann, roasts a pig, while middle-aged noblemen gather around with drinking horns. The host, Dáire, addresses the guests: First off, let me welcome you all to my house. It hardly seems like twelve years since the king put his daughter into our care, but we've all played host once, so I suppose it must be. 3. In the forest, the fianna sit and stand around a campfire. Their chief, a tall, shaven-headed man, stares off. Fianna 2 arrives with his news: Chief! They're all here. 4. Close in on Fianna and the chief, who continues staring into space. Fianna 2: Chief?


2 Responses to “The Ulster Cycle page 1”

  1. Cristiano Says:

    Great Idea, I’m Italian and I don’t know nothing about this fantastic story- mythology. God bless lovely Ulster.

  2. paddybrown Says:

    Thanks – always nice to know who my readers are, and where they’re from!

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