05th Apr 2010

New new Who

The relaunched Doctor Who was relaunched again on Saturday. I watched it grinning throughout. Great fun. The script made as much sense at it needed to and no more – suspension of disbelief did the rest.

When the casting of Matt Smith was announced I thought “I can’t really see him in the part, which probably makes him a good choice”. And it was. How young he was barely registered, he just had it. Karen Gillan, as well as being gratifyingly gorgeous, also had that edge of oddness that I’m a sucker for (not quite as nuts as her childhood self – would have been really interesting for the Doctor to have had an insane child as a companion, but, well, a grown man and a little girl just couldn’t be done, not these days), and also seems to have some proper acting chops – she played the scene where the Doctor produces the apple she’d given him twelve years ago fantastically well.

Anybody notice that the voice of the Atraxi announcing the incineration of the human residence sounded exactly like the Vogons announcing the demolition of the earth in The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? They even used human sound-producing technology to make their announcement, just like the Vogons did in the book!

One slight complaint. With Rory, Amy’s sort-of boyfriend and presumably her fiancé, they seem to be reviving the Doctor-Rose-Mickey triangle from early on. The Doctor as hyper-confident alpha male effortlessly stealing the affections of the female audience-identification-character from the hapless beta male character, who’s only there to be laughed at, is something I didn’t much enjoy about Doctor Who under Russell Davies. I hope that’s not going to be replicated. Having said that, River Song, apparently the Doctor’s Mrs from the future, looks like being part of the series, so I wonder will we see a River-Doctor-Amy triangle as well?

We shall see, no doubt. With Steven Moffat, the man who wrote not only The Empty Child and Blink but also the imperious Press Gang back when I was a student, at the helm, I think it’ll be worth finding out.

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