26th Mar 2010


A word from that shameless huckster Tommie Kelly…

Road Crew

“Looks like things over at Road Crew are speeding up. Not only has Tommie Kelly got his new Book collection NOTHING’S SHOCKING up for Pre-order from today but you can also pre-order Issue Two of the New Bi-monthly Road Crew comic FOR SALE! The Pre-orders are open for one week only and in this time you can a host of free bonus’s including Ecomics, Music downloads, free miniposters and all books/comics come signed. Not One to be missed, especially as the VERY SPECIAL EDITION of Nothing’s Shocking will only be available in this one week window. It contains ten extra pages, a variant cover and a nice big inked sketch from the author. You can get more details at”

Tommie’s an ex-roadie (and a bit of a muso) himself, so he knows as well as anyone what life’s like behind the scenes of the rock business, and has the talent to turn it into comics. So go buy some comics off him, you know you want to.

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