27th Jul 2008

The week in webcomics (20-26 July 2008)

A quick roundup of what’s happening this week in the webcomics I follow. I’ll try and do this regularly from now on, I think.

Bit of an in-between installment of Jason Little’s Bee: Motel Art Improvement Service. Bee and her bloke Cyrus are working as cleaners at an airport hotel, a job Cyrus uses to repaint the paintings in the rooms in surprising ways, and steal small samples of the guests’ drugs – but there’s a major drug deal going down, and Cyrus may just have landed himself, and Bee, in big trouble…

At the end of the last chapter of Simon Fraser’s Lilly Mackenzie and the Mines of Charybdis, Lilly and her diminutive pink-haired sidekick Cosmo had travelled to the penal planet Charybdis, an evil place if ever there was one, in search of Lilly’s long-lost brother, but both have been clonked on the head and dragged before this particular prison’s Mr Big. With nudity (careful now)…

The pace picks up in Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield’s FreakAngels, as Whitechapel, the district of the flooded future London that’s protected by our gang of young psychics, comes under attack, while Alice, the Mancunian refugee, is on watchtower duty…

News in brief: Wonderella gets a call from an ex who insists he’s over her; and Jesus and Mo clear up the issue of transubstantiation.

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