19th Oct 2009

24 Hour Comics Day 2009

My second 24 Hour Comics Day experience has now passed, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. There doesn’t seem to have been a Belfast event this year, so I made the trek down to Dublin on the train (and bus substitution from Drogheda). Went very well – tip of the hat to the indefatigable Cliodhna Lyons who organised the whole thing. It was well attended, so although I tried to mingle and have a look at what everybody else was doing, I won’t have a hope of name-checking everybody I caught up with or met for the first time.

Maeve Clancy (creator of Flatmates) provided the music, and showed us a couple of music videos by Lisa Hannigan she’d created art for – “I Don’t Know”, for which she did the cut paper backdrops, and “Lille”, for which she and Jamie Hannigan made the pop-up books (click the titles to watch the videos on YouTube). Gar Shandley made a brilliant crack about a nine-year-old Hitler getting a gold star from his teacher, which he swore was inadvertent. Eoin Marron managed 5 pages in a meticulous cross-hatched style that looked fantastic, but was hardly the best approach for a 24 hour comic.

Having recently acquired an A3 scanner I decided it would be worthwhile to open up and draw a bit bigger (most of my comics are drawn at A4 size). I took the same approach as last year, doing no preparation but simply starting with an image and seeing where it took me. I came up with what turned out to be a low-key post-apocalyptic thing which I have called “After the End” (click the title or image to read it), experimenting a bit with the grey tones you get from dried out permanent markers, and playing with flashbacks showing my characters at different ages. It came out complete at 16 pages, and I padded it out to 20 with a cover and a spoof introduction, letters page and back cover ad, but it’s still short of the prescribed 24, so it would have to be counted as a “noble failure”. I’m pleased with it though.

The Comic Cast panel on small press and web publishing also seemed to go well. One correction to be made though – the panellists were me, Hilary Lawler and Phil Barrett, not Paddy Lynch as I reported three days ago. Phil is a slice-of-life cartoonist in the Adrian Tomine vein, and his comics include Lint, Matter, Blackshapes, and, in collaboration with the Comic Cast’s Liam Geraghty, Gazebo. I’ll link to the podcast once it’s posted.

Edited to add: I didn’t bring a camera with me, but Deirdre de Barra did, and has put a few photos up on Facebook. Here’s one of our table. That’s Hilary Lawler on the far left, then me, then Tommie Kelly avoiding drawing as usual, and then Eoin Marron overdoing it also as usual.

2 Responses to “24 Hour Comics Day 2009”

  1. Darren Reynolds Says:

    Hey Paddy, 16 pages is good going, turned out really well. The faded marker gives it a distressed gritty feel throughout. Like the flashbacks, especially the surreal panels on pg 9.

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