06th Aug 2008

The Cattle Raid of Cooley page 1

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The Cattle Raid of Cooley by Patrick Brown

The Cattle Raid of Cooley page 1. Splash page. Cruachan, capital of Connacht. Autumn. Allied armies arrive and parade before Ailill and Medb, the king and queen. Medb: Has Cormac arrived yet? Ailill: Not yet, my love. Title: Here begins the Cattle Raid of Cooley.


11 Responses to “The Cattle Raid of Cooley page 1”

  1. Rol Says:

    Great stuff! Looking forward to it…

  2. Kevin Levell Says:

    Hi Patrick,
    Thanks for the link you put up to ‘Taormina’ a while back – I really appreciate it.

    The Cattle Raid of Cooley looks intriguing – you have a nice blog too!

  3. paddybrown Says:

    Thanks, both of you. Kevin, your art’s gorgeous, and I look forward to seeing lots more of it!

  4. Cuchulainn & the Ulster Cycle in Graphic Novel | Celtic Myth Podshow Latest News Says:

    […] the translation used in one of our stories. He is possibly better known for his online comic strip, The Cattle-Raid of Cooley, which he has now released in Graphic Novel format. His style is unique and even more fascinating […]

  5. Totalloser Says:

    This stuff is absolutely awesome. Thank you for sharing it. I just read the Faraday translation which is pretty hard to read for me. I really enjoyed your interpretation which is quite different than what I had envisioned in my mind. I appreciate the comic relief even though I think you stay pretty true to the story. Many thank. I wonder if a movie will ever be made of the story? If it every comes out, I hope it will not be a Hollywood bastardization.

  6. paddybrown Says:

    Glad you’re enjoying it.

    The Faraday translation is hard work, because it’s an accurate translation of a very imperfect text, a compilation of episodes from different sources that are inconsistent in style and not always in the right order. It’s useful if you want to study the text, but if you want something readable it takes a bit of work to tidy it up. You should try the Kinsella or Carson translations, which have made that effort.

    I doubt there’ll ever be a film, but if there was, I wouldn’t expect it to be very faithful. You’d have to cut it and reshape it pretty drastically to fit into the 2 hour, 3 act formula, and a mainstream film would want to have much clearer goodies and baddies.

  7. {Comics} Five of the best in Irish Graphic Novels. : rabble Says:

    […] 1. The Cattle Raid of Cooley by Patrick Brown Currently standing at 140 pages online, this is an ambitious project that has been published every Wednesday for over three years. Self scripted and hand drawn in a rough and ready – but highly effective – manner, this is an outstanding body of work. If you like it, you should support the artist and buy the print editions. […]

  8. The Awesome Cattleraid of Cooley!! | Says:

    […] 5 outta 5!!! Heres the links to Paddy Browns blog where you can read Cattleraid of Cooley online- And follow the progress everyweek on Facebook – This […]

  9. Reading it’s Fun and Mental | Helping Hand Says:

    […] The Cattle Raid of Cooley If you don’t know the significance of the story, it’s how you know that Cu Chulainn is a Certified Badass. The art starts off different, weird, and wonderful and only gets better as the story progresses. My snap judgment was that the Red coloring was annoying, but I remembered that in ancient Celtic mythology- which the story is full of- Red is the color of Death. I want physical copies of this. Chapter 7 has just finished, and there’re three more and a small epilogue left. Erfworld  I love Tabletop Role-Playing Games like D&D. They’re fun, and everything that anyone has ever told me about how awesome and amazing Improv Comedy can be is exactly the same for these games. It’s collaborative story-telling at its finest. An off-shoot of RPGs are “War Games”- sometimes called miniatures-based tabletop strategy games. None of the character stuff from RPGs and all of the Combat (and then some)! Warhammer 40k is a very popular example; but not the only one. Erfworld is a webcomic series. It’s one narrative that continues to develop and expand; and the first Book is one of the best comics I have ever read. The conceit of the story is that a player of the game gets sucked into the game world. A world where you have turns of activity, then your opponents have their turns. A world where other units just appear.  Even if you’ve only played Turn-Based Strategy games (like Command and Conquer or Warcraft/Starcraft) online you’ll get a lot of the geekier terminology. […]

  10. El Táin, siempre | Mujerárbol (Nueva) Says:

    […] mirada gráfica sobre el viejo relato, con el punto de partida de la recensión I. Muy buenos esbozos a cargo de […]

  11. TitanCon 2013, a review by Dave. | NERDGEIST Says:

    […] Paul Bolger – The great local animator who has worked on many films from The Land Before Time to The Pirates – In an Adventure with Scientists! Richmond Clements – graphic novels include Turning Tiger, Ketsueki and Pirates of the Lost World Andy Luke – Gran, Absence: a comic about epilepsy, and Don’t Get Lost Patrick Brown – Many comics based on irish mythology and the upcoming The Cattle Raid of Cooley, […]

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