15th Jul 2008

Taking a break from scanning

Garen's Billy the CatThought I ought to keep my public up to date with what I’m doing. I’m currently preparing The Ulster Cycle: Ness for print publication – rescanning everything at a higher resolution, taking the opportunity to cheat and fix a few things while I’m at it, and working on an afterword and a cover. I’ll let you know when it’s available to buy – a matter of weeks, probably.

In the meantime, master of the ligne claire Garen Ewing is drawing an A-Z of comics characters, letter by letter, one a day. If you’re on Facebook, why not join Garen’s A-Z of comic strip characters group and suggest some characters for him to draw? We’re on E, and we’re struggling a bit.

An interesting new sort-of-webcomic has come to my attention: The Adventures of Taormina by  Kev Lev. It’s a sort of Saturday morning cliffhanger serial, with captions on silent movie-style title cards, sepia artwork, monsters, exotic locations, and a heroine whose clothes seem to get wet a lot.

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