16th Aug 2009

Addition to the History of Irish Comics

The week before last I posted the first part of my History of Irish Comics, covering the 18th and 19th centuries.  I’ve made a little addition to the article today, as I’ve discovered another anti-O’Connell Irish cartoonist: R. J. Hamerton, originally from County Longford, who moved to London, went native, and drew for Punch in the 1840s, sometimes under the pseudonym “Shallaballa”.

One of the most depressing things about researching cartoons relating to Ireland was the focus on the simian stereotype of the Irish in 19th century English cartoons. It’s even more depressing to find an Irish cartoonist who cleaved to that stereotype, but there you go. Here’s one he did of O’Connell as an ogre growing fat on the Irish “pisantry” in 1843.

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