14th Jul 2009

Hiatus continues

Sorry to say, the impromptu hiatus The Cattle Raid of Cooley is undergoing lasts another week.  This “real life” business is a pain.  To fill in time, here’s a few links.

For Ulster Cycle fans, here’s a dissertation about Medb by Diana Veronica Dominguez. I’ve only started reading it, but it seems to be taking the line that, rather than being a fertility goddess (meaning her assertive sexual behaviour can’t be judged on the standards of polite society), and rather than being a symbol of monkish misogyny, Medb is actually a character with agency and opinions and motivation and stuff.  I tend to agree.

For Comics fans, Danielle Corsetto, creator of the excellent webcomic Girls With Slingshots (which you are of course all reading) does an interview at the Comic Book Catacombs

And the great Eddie Campbell is interviewed by Pádraig Ó Méalóid at the Fobidden Planet blog…

Remember last year Garen Ewing (whose book The Rainbow Orchid is out next month) did an A-Z of comic characters?  Well, Neill Cameron, formerly of “Mo-Bot High” in The DFC, and the much-missed martial arts webcomic Thumpculture, has topped that with his A-Z of Awesomeness!  Where Garen settled for drawing a character whose name began with each letter of the alphabet, Neill has worked in as many uses of the designated letter into each drawing as possible.  Here, for example, is Wolverine Wishing Wonder Woman Wasn’t Wasted…

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