13th Jun 2009

The Desert Peach online

Rosen Kavalier, from The Desert PeachDonna Barr is serialising all her Desert Peach comics on the web!

Pfirsich Rommel is the (imaginary) gay younger brother of Erwin Rommel, the Desert Fox, and is a colonel under his big brother in the Afrika Korps, commanding a support and gravedigging unit full of oddballs and misfits who he sees it as his duty to keep out of combat. He’s engaged to a sexually omnivorous Luftwaffe pilot called Rosen Kavalier (right), who just has to be the main inspiration for Captain Jack in Doctor Who, and has an orderly called Udo who also loves him, but not like that.

It starts as a pretty broad sitcom about a flamboyantly gay guy in the German Army in WWII, and quickly grows a lot of heart.  If you’ve ever been the sort who could never help not fitting in, it’ll strike a chord with you.  The character comedy, and the drawing, really hit their stride with issue 4, and the serialisation is currently in the middle of issue 3, so it’s just the time to get on board.

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