11th Jun 2009

Where I’ve been, and where I’ll be

2D, or “Tuppence” as I’ve taken to calling it, in Derry last weekend, was tremendous. Got to meet David Lloyd and Bryan Talbot and D’Israeli, and catch up with Stephen and Andrew and Deirdre and Andy and loads of other people who I hope won’t be offended at my failure to namecheck them. Unlike every other comics show I’ve been to, this one had a lot of children in attendance, which made for a completely different atmosphere – we weren’t all exhibiting for each other for a change.  I loved it.  David Campbell, ably assisted by the efforts of Bridgeen Gillespie and Dec Shalvey, deserve lots of nice things.

They put me on the mezzanine between established pros Will Simpson and Mike Collins, and we barely got to say two words to each other, we were so busy sketching. I’ve no idea how many drawings I ended up doing, but my wrist was sure sore by the end of the day. There was a monster theme, and loads of the kids wanted to be drawn as werewolves and vampires and devils and Frankenstein’s monsters, but I think my favourite drawing I did was of the tiny little girl with the Wednesday Adams stare who wanted to be drawn as a bat.

Here’s a picture taken by Ciaran Flanagan, with me sketching away in the foreground, Mike in the background. I’ve hotlinked it from Facebook, and it seems to work even when I’m logged out, so hopefully you can see it.

Next appearances include the Third International Conference on the Ulster Cycle in Coleraine on 22-25 June, which I’ll be attending as a punter to listen to scholars deliver papers on the linguistic, literary and comparative mythological qualities of the ancient Irish stories I base my comics on, and hopefully turn said scholars onto said comics; and Summer Edition 2009, an artist’s book, comic and zine fair in Temple Bar, Dublin, on 4 July, where I will have a table. If you can make it to either, look me up and say hello.

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