01st Jun 2009

2D This Weekend!

Oh yeah. Keep forgetting this is a blog. So I’ll be exhibiting at the 2D Festival at the Verbal Arts Centre in [London]Derry* this weekend. Unfortunately they don’t have a logo that’s hotlinkable, so this post will have to go unillustrated. But David Lloyd’ll be there! And D’Israeli! And Bryan Talbot! And Glenn Fabry! Not to mention lots of Irish artists. And it’s free! If you can come, and don’t, then you’re an eejit. If you can and do, see you there.

*For those of you from outside this benighted corner of a speck in the Atlantic, there are a lot of people for whom whether or not you shorten the name/add a bit to the beginning to the name of Northern Ireland’s** second city is actually important. I heard a story about an American tourist who asked for a train ticket to Derry, and the guy in the ticket window refused to sell them one because there’s no such place. Then there’s all the road signs to “Londonderry” that have had the “London” painted out – and even one where the “Derry” has been painted out, leaving the “London”. I remember when Bill Clinton came over to celebrate the Good Friday Agreement and gave a speech to a huge crowd in front of Belfast City Hall. said he’s been to “Derry City and Londonderry County” – when he said “Derry City” half the crowd visibly bristled, and when he said “Londonderry County” the other half did.

**Never mind.

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