26th Mar 2009

On stuff

Firstly, Scott Meyer’s Basic Instructions is bloody good this week.

Secondly, Pádraig Ó Méalóid has posted scans of the complete third issue of Big Numbers!  I believe this is the issue that Bill Sienkiewicz, exhausted from the first two issues, drew in a drastically stripped-down style before quitting the series, rather than the version that Al Columbia (allegedly) painted and then destroyed.  Pádraig has sought, and got, the blessing of the big beardy fellow to post the scans, but it’d be interesting to know what the two artists thought…

Thirdly, Jake Thackray was a genius.  My mum and dad used to listen to him when I was small, and I remember them letting me listen to a song of his called “The Hole” (there weren’t many of his songs suitable for children) and finding it amusing.  So on a whim I purchase his 4-CD set Jake in a Box and his live double CD Live Performance, and by god he was good.  He’s best known for his funny songs, but there’s a whole lot more to him than that.  One I’m quite taken with is “The Little Black Foal”, which on first impression sounds like a rather sweet folk song about a foal clip-clopping along, then becomes a very perceptive song about infatuation, and finally leaves you wondering what the narrator actually did with the girl he met last night whose name he can’t remember, and why he’s so keen to avoid meeting other members of her family.  But it’s not on YouTube, so here’s “The Bull” instead.

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