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05th Dec 2009

Recommended webcomic: Goodbye Chains

I’ve noticed over the last few days I’ve been getting significant traffic from The Big List of Historical Webcomics. The list is an adjunct to a webcomic called Goodbye Chains, written by Alice Hunt and drawn by Tracy Williams, so I popped over and gave it a read. It’s very good, and you should give it a go.

It’s a western, starring a mismatched pair of outlaws – Colin Lord, middle-class revolutionary communist and good-natured psycho, and Banquo White, bitter and misanthropic but rational villain. Banquo hates the world but somehow can’t bring himself to hate Colin, although he does try. Colin, for his part, is as gay as a big gay thing and in love with Banquo. They’re both complete dicks, but somehow you root for them anyway.

Artistically, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. The first artist, Aisha Nasir, drew in a manga-esque style but apparently couldn’t keep up with the three-pages-a-week schedule, and a lot of her pages are in half-finished pencil. Then there’s a brief dialogue-based sequence where the characters are drawn, apparently by the writer, as cartoon dogs, before Tracy Williams took over. She took it back to the manga-influenced style, and is a rather more accomplished artist. Here she is drawing Colin, in the cause of stopping the expansion of capitalism into the west, blowing up a railway bridge:

Goodbye Chains

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13th Nov 2009

Call for nominations

The Webcomic List Awards for 2009 are accepting nominations in a variety of categories. I’ve made mine, but sadly you’re not allowed to nominate yourself, so perhaps some of my readers might care to do the honours?

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21st Oct 2009

No Cattle Raid of Cooley, but you get to hear what I sound like

I’m afraid that, thanks to my creative exertions at the weekend, it will be quite impossible to bring you your scheduled page of The Cattle Raid of Cooley this week. But! The Comic Cast’s podcast of the panel discussion on self-publishing and webcomics, featuring me, Hilary Lawler and Phil Barrett, along with contributions from the floor by Tommie Kelly, Gar Shandley and Maeve Clancy, is now available to listen to. I must warn you, however, that if you don’t make or want to make comics you may find our discussion of the techniques and logistics of producing a comic a little esoteric. Plus, I had no idea that’s what I sounded like.

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13th Sep 2009

New webcomic discovery

It’s called “Faraday the Blob” and it’s pretty damn funny…

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01st Aug 2009

An alternative Cú Chulainn webcomic

I’ve already linked to Cucuc: Little Brute from the Iron Age, Mirlikovir and Cathbad’s webcomic about Cú Chulainn’s childhood, but I’m afraid I’ve neglected to direct you to their follow-up, The Epic of Cúchulainn.  I’m making point of not reading it, not out of any disrespect to Mirlikovir and Cathbad’s efforts, but to preserve the distinctiveness of my own version – but there’s no reason my readers couldn’t enjoy both. So go and read it, and make up your own minds which you prefer!

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18th Jul 2009

Tommie Kelly interviewed

Another link for yez. Tommie Kelly, creator of the excellent webcomic Road Crew, is interviewed at drop-d.

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14th Jul 2009

Hiatus continues

Sorry to say, the impromptu hiatus The Cattle Raid of Cooley is undergoing lasts another week.  This “real life” business is a pain.  To fill in time, here’s a few links.

For Ulster Cycle fans, here’s a dissertation about Medb by Diana Veronica Dominguez. I’ve only started reading it, but it seems to be taking the line that, rather than being a fertility goddess (meaning her assertive sexual behaviour can’t be judged on the standards of polite society), and rather than being a symbol of monkish misogyny, Medb is actually a character with agency and opinions and motivation and stuff.  I tend to agree.

For Comics fans, Danielle Corsetto, creator of the excellent webcomic Girls With Slingshots (which you are of course all reading) does an interview at the Comic Book Catacombs

And the great Eddie Campbell is interviewed by Pádraig Ó Méalóid at the Fobidden Planet blog…

Remember last year Garen Ewing (whose book The Rainbow Orchid is out next month) did an A-Z of comic characters?  Well, Neill Cameron, formerly of “Mo-Bot High” in The DFC, and the much-missed martial arts webcomic Thumpculture, has topped that with his A-Z of Awesomeness!  Where Garen settled for drawing a character whose name began with each letter of the alphabet, Neill has worked in as many uses of the designated letter into each drawing as possible.  Here, for example, is Wolverine Wishing Wonder Woman Wasn’t Wasted…

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13th Jun 2009

The Desert Peach online

Rosen Kavalier, from The Desert PeachDonna Barr is serialising all her Desert Peach comics on the web!

Pfirsich Rommel is the (imaginary) gay younger brother of Erwin Rommel, the Desert Fox, and is a colonel under his big brother in the Afrika Korps, commanding a support and gravedigging unit full of oddballs and misfits who he sees it as his duty to keep out of combat. He’s engaged to a sexually omnivorous Luftwaffe pilot called Rosen Kavalier (right), who just has to be the main inspiration for Captain Jack in Doctor Who, and has an orderly called Udo who also loves him, but not like that.

It starts as a pretty broad sitcom about a flamboyantly gay guy in the German Army in WWII, and quickly grows a lot of heart.  If you’ve ever been the sort who could never help not fitting in, it’ll strike a chord with you.  The character comedy, and the drawing, really hit their stride with issue 4, and the serialisation is currently in the middle of issue 3, so it’s just the time to get on board.

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21st May 2009

Sarah McIntyre does Cyrano de Bergerac

I have to admit, I’m not as familiar with the classic Cyrano de Bergerac as I might be.  I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the film with Gerard Depardieu, but it was ages ago.  But I do know I loved Sarah McIntyre’s “Vern and Lettuce” in the late, lamented DFC.  One page a week about the rather unremarkable adventures of a sheep and a rabbit, with more charm packed into every square millimetre than I don’t know what.  And Sarah’s just posted her take on the enormous-nosed Gallic love letter script doctor, and a couple of his supporting characters.  Here’s the first page, and if you click on it you can read the rest.

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05th May 2009

The Cattle Raid of Cooley takes a week off

I’m afraid there’s no page this week – many apologies.  Nothing dramatic – just knackered, and the drawing bit of my brain is being a little uncooperative.  I know what should be happening on page 40, I’ve even got a pretty clear idea what it needs to look like, but it’s just not going down on paper.  So I’m calling in sick, and will return next Wednesday, refreshed and reinvigorated.  Thanks for your patience.

If you miss your weekly fix of Iron Age Irish adventure, you could always call over to Oghme Comics, where Breton artist Mirlikovir and Parisian writer Cathbad are doing Cucuc: Little Brute from the Iron Age – a webcomic about the young Cú Chulainn (or Setanta as he was known then)’s mischievous childhood (you can also read it in French).

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