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22nd Oct 2014

Radio silence

You know what I did? I failed to post an update last week, and didn’t even notice. Sorry about that. There’s no update this week either, and may not be for a few weeks after that. So I’ve decided to take a short holiday from The Cattle Raid of Cooley, recharge my batteries, and come back refreshed for the big push towards the conclusion of the story.

In the meantime, here are some snippets of some of the other things I’m working on.

Knights under lights

Candle in the hand

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30th Jul 2014

Summer holiday skip week

There’ll be no page this week. Don’t know if it’s the heat or the hay fever or what, but my brain is shut and this weeks installment is sitting in there refusing to come out. As some consolation, here’s the great illustrator Victor Ambrus’s rendition of Cú Chulainn from Rosemary Sutcliff’s 1963 retelling The Hound of Ulster. I’ve been indulging my passion from the illustrators of British children’s books of the 60s and 70s, artists like Ambrus, Margery Gill, and my first love among illustrators Charles Keeping, at the Today’s Inspiration Group on Facebook. If you’re on Facebook and like good drawing, have a browse – there are so many amazing illustrators to learn about.

The Hound of Ulster by Rosemary Sutcliff, cover illustration by Victor Ambrus

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23rd Jul 2012

Monkey punch dinosaur…

Adam Ford asked me to do a drawing for his Tumblr blog, Monkey Punch Dinosaur, which involves, as you might imagine, pictures of monkeys punching dinosaurs. Although some of them are apes. Which is of course cheating. Anyway, here’s mine:

Monkey Punch Dinosaur

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15th Feb 2012

Another skip week (sorry)

Once again I have fallen short of my target of a page a week. In my defence, I have a job interview at the end of the week which I am busy preparing for. Wish me luck. I’m also doing a night class in illustration, and our text is Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories, so in lieu of your regularly scheduled comic, here’s my rough for the first story, “How the Whale got his Throat”.

How the Whale got his Throat

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27th Jul 2011

The Cattle Raid of Cooley skip week

Aaargh. I know exactly what I want to draw on this week’s page, and I’ve made half a dozen attempts at it, but for whatever reason, it’s as if I’m drawing with boxing gloves on, or as if I’m throwing the pen at the paper from some distance away. It’s just all wrong. Midnight is approaching and I have nothing useful, so I shall apologise and give up. It’ll just have to wait til next week.

In it’s place, I’ll leave you with two illustrations of Cú Chulainn from Our Boys, which was an Irish boys’ story paper back when story papers were a thing. The first is from 1915 and is by George Monks:

The Story of Cuchulainn by George Monks

The second is Walter C. Mills’ depiction of Cú Chulainn’s death from 1921:

Cú Chulainn's death by Walter C. Mills

Now, why not call over to Irish Comic News and see what the rest of my cartooning compatriots are up to.

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07th Sep 2010

Influence Map

No comic this week, but instead here’s my influence map…

Influence Map

These are people whose influence I recognise in my work. I’m sure there are plenty of others I haven’t realised I’m influenced by – leave a comment if you can think of anybody.  Obviously doesn’t include writers, notably John Wagner and Neil Gaiman, who have influenced me, and also doesn’t include people I admire enormously but I can’t see any of in my work – Kevin O’Neill springs to mind.

Inspired by this post on the Forgotten Pelmet blog, linking to a bunch of other artists who’ve done it: at the last count John Allison, Aaron Diaz, Adam Cadwell, Rene Engstrom, Hugh Raine and Paul Shinn.

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01st Jan 2010

Acanthus – a cartoonist I sadly can’t include in the Irish Comics Wiki

Frank Hoar (1907-1976), the distinguished architect architect and architectural historian, who designed the first terminal of Gatwick Airport among other things, also drew cartoons for Punch under the name “Acanthus”.  I really wanted to include him in the Irish Comics Wiki, but marrying the daughter of a TD is a bit of a tenuous claim to Irishness. But, gorgeous drawing. I mean, just look at that perspective!

Acanthus All Roads Lead to Rome

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01st Sep 2009

David Cousley – illustrator and painter

When I was growing up I was always pretty good at drawing, but my ego was always kept in check by the fact that my cousin, David Cousley, could draw rings round me.  He’s now taken the plunge and gone online at Flickr, where he has a selection of his paintings and illustrations.  Here’s a few samples:

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13th Oct 2008

Off saving the world…

You might not be aware of it, but there’s an Irish-based international development charity called GOAL who do lots of good work. My brother Simon worked for them in the Democratic Republic of Congo for a while and has nothing but good to say about them, unlike certain of the other NGOs he’s spent time with.

Turns out fellow Irish cartoonist Cliodhna Lyons’ dad Conor also worked for them, in Sri Lanka. He died last year, and Cliodhna’s tribute to him is the handsome anthology “Sorry I can’t take your call right now but I’m off saving the world”.  It’s got contributions from loads of names, many of whom I don’t know, but the ones I do include Sarah McIntyre, creator of “Vern and Lettuce” in The DFC, Liam Geraghty and Philip Barrett of Gazebo fame, top animator Tomm Moore of the Cartoon Saloon, Patrick Lynch, creator of Last Bus.  In this blog post Cliodhna explains how she created the beautiful screen-printed cover.

You can buy it online using Paypal – check out the Goal Anthology website for details.  All proceeds, of course, go to GOAL.  I’ve ordered my copy. Do yourself a favour and do likewise.

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