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03rd Dec 2008

Some reviews

In the wake of the Dublin City Comic Con, Some people have been saying nice things about Ness.

Rich Johnson of Lying in the Gutters , reviewing a selection of comics he picked up at the Con (scroll down to “Comics Irish Style”), describes it as “A wonderful period graphic novel” and “Primitive but gripping”.

My tablemate Tommie Kelly, creator of Road Crew, says “This book screams professionalism and dedication”, and suggests if it was translated into Irish it’d make me a millionaire (possibly overestimating the number of Irish speakers who want to read comics, but there you go).

Meanwhile Rol Hirst, despite having been nowhere near Dublin, describes it as “excellent” and praises the “crisp dialogue that doesn’t get all bogged down trying to sound of-the-era” and the “wonderfully expressive artwork”.

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28th Nov 2008

More con sketches

Here’s a few more sketches I did at the Dublin City Comic Con last weekend.  Tommie and Vanessa, my tablemates, are from Ardee in County Louth.  As it happens there’s a rather important episode of the Cattle Raid of Cooley that takes place in Ardee.  It won’t be featuring in the comic for quite some time, so I did ’em a wee flash-forward…

I also did Tommie a sketch of the characters from his comic, Road Crew (follow the the link for how Tommie draws them).  Left to right, Matt the lighting guy, Jim the sound guy, and Eric the roadie…

For my own pleasure I did another Cattle Raid of Cooley flash-forward.  Nudity warning (careful now)…

And finally, here’s a wee Judge Dredd I did in the hope people would ask me to do sketches of their favourite characters (nobody did).  Not as good as the Lego Dredd I saw Stephen Thompson doing for another punter…

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27th Nov 2008

Con sketches

At the Con in Dublin at the weekend there was this nutcase called Mark who was getting people to do sketches of all the characters from the X-Men as played by Christopher Walken.  Mark’s Walk-Men sketches, including ones by Adi Granov, Nick Roche , Declan Shalvey, Barry McGowan, Bruno Letizia, and a bunch of others whose signatures I can’t read, can be seen on this thread at Millarworld.  Here’s my Jean Grey:

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24th Nov 2008

Con Report

The Dublin City Comic Con went extremely well, after, it has to be said, a fairly shaky start.  I arrived in Dublin on Saturday morning, tried to checkin at the hostel I’d booked a bed in, and when asked for money, discovered I’d left my wallet at home in Belfast.  The con organisers were very understanding and were happy to let me off paying for my half of the table until Sunday, after I’d made the trip home and back again.

First time I’ve been to a con as an exhibitor rather than a punter.  I was extremely lax at taking photos, I’m afraid.  Here’s a shot of my half-a-table taken on Friday:

I was sharing with Tommie Kelly, creator of the excellent webcomic Road Crew, and his glamorous assistant Vanessa:

Met a bunch of people I’d previously only met online, reaquainted myself with some people I’d  met at 2D, and made the acquaintance of a few people who were entirely new to me, and embarrassingly got Stephen and Aidan, who I know from the monthly Belfast comic creator pub meets, mixed up on a couple of occasions (sorry).  Stephen Coffey unveiled his secret weapon, Barry McGowan, who’d painted his comic Rosemary Herbb: The Return in a style that looked like a tighter version of 2000AD‘s Simon Davis.  Declan Shalvey and Andy Winter launched their hilarious one-shot comic Tim Skinner: Total Scumbag, which among other things includes a wicked parody of Garth Ennis’s The Boys and a novel version of what Judge Dredd, sorry, “Magistrate Grudge”, looks like without his helmet.

The launch of the collected edition of The Ulster Cycle: Ness was a great success – I shifted more than half of my initial print run, and several of the people who bought it on Saturday came back on Sunday to say how much they’d enjoyed it.  (The quality of the printing, by The Fallen Angel, was also complimented, deservedly so.  Thanks Mallory.)  I made an impromptu appearance on a panel for newly launched small press books and did it reasonable justice I thought.  I’m not quite ready to launch the book online, but I will shortly once I figure out how much I’ll need for postage and can get a PayPal button sorted.

Edited to add: Tommie’s put up his own report and photos (including one of me looking pregnant).

Edited Tuesday 25 November to add: Declan Shalvey has his report up.

Edited Wednesday 26 November: link to Andy Winter’s impression.

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21st Nov 2008

The Dublin Comic Con is tomorrow

This weekend I shall be nerd-networking.  I have half a small press table at the Dublin City Comic Con at the Park Inn Hotel in Smithfield Square, Dublin.  Apart from the couple of people who bought copies from Lulu before I withdrew it from sale there, this will be the first opportunity to buy a copy of The Ulster Cycle: Ness in book form!

I’ll be sharing a table with Tommie Kelly, creator of Road Crew (a very funny webcomic about a rock band’s roadies) who’ll also have wares to sell, so if you’re attending, be sure to say hi (and buy stuff).

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