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07th Sep 2007

You & No-One Else page 1

I’m uncomfortably aware that I’m neglecting you, my public. The lack of updates to the Ulster Cycle really can’t be helped, I’m afraid. I have a day job and a family life and all sorts of other things going on. But I worry that by the time I get the comic back on track nobody’ll be bothered checking on it anymore. So, to tide things over until then, here’s an old piece. It was written by Will Brooker, now lecturer in film studies at Kingston University, London with all sorts of publications on pop culture subjects to his name, in about 1995. To my shame, I only drew about half of it. But, for lack of anything else to post, I shall be publishing it here a page at a time for the next wee while. Page 1 follows…

You & No-One Else
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You & No-One Else page 1
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More to come…

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