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10th Feb 2010


Simon, the artist on Muddled, left me a comment asking to be added to my list of Irish webcomics. Just going through the archives and this one made me laugh.


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05th Feb 2010

Black Market this weekend

Andy and I will once again be running the Black Panel small press comics stall at the Black Box, Hill Street, Belfast (it’s in the Cathedral Quarter – here’s the Google map) on Sunday. As well as our own, we’ll have comics by Patrick Lynch, Philip Barrett, Deirdre de Barra, Hilary Lawler and the rest of the Longstone Comics crowd, the Berserker Comics boys, Stephen Downey, John Robbins, Gar Shanley and Cathal Duggan, Alan Nolan, Deirdre Ruane, Tommie Kelly, Edel Ryder and Gareth Hanrahan, Davy Francis, Aidan Courtney and friends as Gaeilge, Lee Grace and his band of illustrators and graphic designers, and, new to the Black Panel this month, Malachy Coney!  With variety like that there’ll be something to appeal to just about anybody. Hopefully see yez all there then.

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01st Feb 2010

Eoin’s on form…

Great Star Trek parody on Space Avalanche this week. Click through to read the whole thing…

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31st Jan 2010

New on the Irish Comics Wiki

Malachy Coney's "Ouija Board, Ouija Board"The Irish Comics Wiki can now boast over 500 articles! The featured article for February 2010 is Belfast writer and cartoonist Malachy Coney (Ouija Board, Ouija Board, right), taking over from January’s featured article on Kilkenny animator and comics artist Tomm Moore.

Articles added to the wiki in January:

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08th Jan 2010

Some news

I’m going to be on the telly! On Tuesday I will be travelling to Glasgow with the League of Just Us, a team of Belfast-based comics folk, to appear on the BBC’s quiz show Eggheads! From left to right: PJ Holden (Judge Dredd, Battlefields); Me; Reggie Chamberlain King (the forthcoming Layer Zero: The Exile); Aidan Largey (Layer Zero: Choices, our reserve); Aimee Durkin (Stephen Downey’s model and girlfriend); and our intrepid leader and team captain Stephen Downey himself (artist of Cancertown, Slaughterman’s Creed and the team drawing; also a man who talks faster than the human mind can comfortably process). Wish us luck!

Then, on Sunday 17 January, I will be stallholding again, selling an ever-growing selection of Irish small press comics at the Black Books book fair, the Black Box, Hill Street, Belfast. Andy and I have decided to call our stall, to tie in with the theme, The Black Panel. Unfortunately Andy will not be able to make it as he’ll be in London to hear Mark Thomas, so the role of glamourous assistant will have to be filled by someone else. More when confirmed.

And finally, someone who has too much time on their hands has rewritten The Big Lebowski in the style of William Shakespeare. As The Knave says of his rug, while playing ninepins:

It was of consequence, I should think; verily, it tied the room together, gather’d its qualities as the sweet lovers’ spring grass doth the morning dew or the rough scythe the first of autumn harvests. It sat between the four sides of the room, making substance of a square, respecting each wall in equal harmony, in geometer’s cap; a great reckoning in a little room. Verily, it transform’d the room from the space between four walls presented, to the harbour of a man’s monarchy.

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03rd Jan 2010

Andy Luke’s new stripblog

Most of us call ’em webcomics. Andy calls it a “stripblog”. Whatever, he’s serialising his comic Don’t Get Lost weekly. He describes it as “a tale of abuse and survival through the self and friendship”, so stick that in your rss reader.

Don't Get Lost

Andy’s comics tend to be very personal, with very little by way of artifice to get between his head and the reader – they can be quite hard work, and it’s true his drawing is somewhat crude, but for unmediated honesty you’ll not find anybody quite like him. You might also like to try his 24 hour comic, Gran, which he created not long after his grandmother passed on.

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13th Dec 2009

Andy’s new column, and Deirdre’s webcomic

Andy Luke’s second column at Alltern8 is up, in which he recommends some (mostly) small press comics as Christmas presents – including my own Ness.  Another he recommends is One Word for Everything, a collection of strips from Deirdre Ruane’s webcomic Wasted Epiphanies, which came as a pleasant surprise to me as I didn’t know she was putting her comics online.  A lot odd observations on mundane things from ususual perspectives (like the example below), and a few recurring characters, like Tempin’ Bear, a polar bear who, since his ice floe melted, has had to seek alternative employment in various unsuitable office jobs, all done in a free-and-easy drawing style. Great stuff, stick it in your RSS reader today!

Wasted Epiphanies: Cellular Religions by Deirdre Ruane

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09th Dec 2009

Andy Luke’s column on our recent comic-selling adventures

My esteemed colleague Andy Luke, previously of Caption and London Underground Comics and my co-stallholder at Independents Day in Dublin and the Black Market in Belfast, is now blogging at Alltern8, and his first post is about those very experiences, and the DIY comics scene in general. Here’s Andy (left) with Belfast comics elder statesman Davy Francis at the Black Market last Sunday.

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05th Dec 2009

Recommended webcomic: Goodbye Chains

I’ve noticed over the last few days I’ve been getting significant traffic from The Big List of Historical Webcomics. The list is an adjunct to a webcomic called Goodbye Chains, written by Alice Hunt and drawn by Tracy Williams, so I popped over and gave it a read. It’s very good, and you should give it a go.

It’s a western, starring a mismatched pair of outlaws – Colin Lord, middle-class revolutionary communist and good-natured psycho, and Banquo White, bitter and misanthropic but rational villain. Banquo hates the world but somehow can’t bring himself to hate Colin, although he does try. Colin, for his part, is as gay as a big gay thing and in love with Banquo. They’re both complete dicks, but somehow you root for them anyway.

Artistically, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. The first artist, Aisha Nasir, drew in a manga-esque style but apparently couldn’t keep up with the three-pages-a-week schedule, and a lot of her pages are in half-finished pencil. Then there’s a brief dialogue-based sequence where the characters are drawn, apparently by the writer, as cartoon dogs, before Tracy Williams took over. She took it back to the manga-influenced style, and is a rather more accomplished artist. Here she is drawing Colin, in the cause of stopping the expansion of capitalism into the west, blowing up a railway bridge:

Goodbye Chains

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29th Nov 2009

Black Box Market next Sunday

Black Market December 2006

Next Sunday, 6 December, is the monthly Black Market, from noon to 5pm at the Black Box, Hill Street (in the Cathedral Quarter), Belfast. Their blurb says it’s “a celebration of creativity and the DIY spirit, a marketplace showcasing the work of independent artists, designers, illustrators and crafters alongside bountiful stalls from collectors of records, books and vintage clothing”, and Andy Luke and I will have a stall, selling a selection of Irish-produced small press comics, including our own.

Admission is free, and since it’s the festive season there’ll be “sweet and savoury homebaked/cooked delights available”, and “music from guest DJs”. I hope we’l see loads of you there.

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